Jan 8, Ric Hudson, Member, will speak on Addiction and Recovery

If addiction and recovery is a topic that interests you, I will be speaking about it on Sunday January 8th at 10:30 AM at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Hot Springs, 100 Norwalk. I had primarily a prescription drug problem for about 2 decades, self-medicating anxiety, depression, and chronic headaches. I can assure you this will not be a drunkalogue or give accolades to the Alcoholic’s Anonymous program for saving me. I will touch on the failed War on Drugs and evidence based recovery methods being used by experts in the field of addiction. I began studying this around a year ago for my own sake after seeing most addicts relapse using traditional recovery methods in the US using the failed ‘12 Step Facilitation.’ I’ll touch on CBT, Mindfulness, and Connection.
Ric Hudson

Join us at 9:00 AM for the Wisdom Seekers talk

Come for the 10:00 AM social time where we will have Coffee/Tea/light snacks.

We hope to see you there. 🙂

Jan 1, Linda Puckett, Member, The Burning Bowl Ceremony

The Unitarian Universalist Church of Hot Springs invite you this Sunday at 10:30 AM, as we celebrate the New Year with a special Burning Bowl service. The Burning Bowl Ceremony is a fire ceremony designed to help us focus on the negative aspects of our lives that we truly want to release and turn our intention to the hopes we have for positive ways of living the New Year. Symbolism is an effective tool to bring our thoughts and desires into fruition.

At 9:00 AM the Religious Exploration group will view a TED talk and discuss.

Join us at 10:00 AM for coffee, tea and snacks.

Dec 18, Bob VanHook, guest speaker, will speak on, “What Happened to Christmas?”

This Sunday we welcome our friend and frequent speaker, Bob VanHook, who will speak on, “What Happened to Christmas?”  He will share his ideas about the impact of fundamentalism on Christianity.

The service is at 10:30am and includes accompanist Rebecca Ricks on the piano.

The Adult Religious Exploration meet at 9:00am and hope you will join them for a TED Talk, DVD and discussion, followed by refreshments and social time at 10:00am.
We have a class for youth during the service and they will be studying the UU Principle II, “All people should be treated kindly and fairly.”
We hope that you will be able to join us this Sunday and bring the family.

Dec 11, Melisa Glenn, Guest speaker, topic is “What Human Trafficking is and how to respond to it”

“The reality is that Slavery has not ended. Human Trafficking occurs in almost every country and has been reported in every state in the United States, including Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Melisa Glenn serves with Project Hope as Chair of the Human Trafficking Task Force of Garland County and the Hot Springs Representative for Partners Against Trafficking Humans, PATH, which is based in Little Rock. Melisa will be sharing what Human Trafficking is and how to respond to it.”

Melisa is a resident of Hot Springs, Arkansas. She is a graduate of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock and holds a Bachelor of Arts in History and Secondary Education. After learning about the atrocities of Human Trafficking and realizing the lack of education on what human trafficking is and the impact it has on the community, she began attending conferences and training to become an educator. Her focus is to provide awareness and knowledge for others like herself so that they can become a voice for the voiceless. The mission at the Human Trafficking Task Force of Garland County is “Educating and equipping individuals and communities to strengthen local efforts.”

The service begins at 10:30am.

The Wisdom Seekers discussion group meet at 9:00am and will choose the next book to read. Please come and bring your suggestions.

There is a social time to gather and share a refreshment at 10:00am.

The Youth Religious Exploration class will begin a study of the Seven Principles of our Unitarian Universalist faith. It meets during the 10:30am service.

Please join us this Sunday. All are welcome!

Dec 4, Joe Sturgill, Member, will present a “Christmas Kick-off”

At 10:30 am on Dec 4th, Joe Sturgill will present a “Christmas Kick-off,” to include thoughts and Christmas carols to begin the Christmas season.
The Adult Religious Exploration group meet at 9:00am, and will discuss “The Basics of Unitarian Universalism.”

The Youth Religious Exploration meet during the regular service and will begin a study of the Seven Principles of the Unitarian Universalist faith.

We will have coffee/tea and light snacks at 10:00 am.
We hope to see you there. 🙂

Nov 27, Rev Dr Bud Hearn, topic is “The Paradox of Liberal Religion”

10:30am Speaker Rev Bud Hearn-The name of the presentation is, “The Paradox of Liberal Religion.” When a religion describes itself as liberal typically means that it is tolerant, inclusive, progressive, supports intellectual honesty, opposes dogmatic rigidity, favors a humanistic approach to ethics. By definition then liberal religion includes being tolerant. A paradox ? Historically liberal religionists have resisted any reform requiring them to give up their privileged way of life.  A paradox ? A liberal religious community tends to want people just “like us”. A paradox ? In Sunday’s service Rev Bud Hearn explores the dynamic of liberal religion.

The Youth RE topic is the sixth of the Six Sources of our faith, “Teachings of people who celebrate nature and remind us to live in harmony with the natural seasons of life.”

9:00am Wisdom Seekers discuss the book by J.D. Vance, “Hillbilly Elegy,”  followed by a social time at 10:00an.

Nov 20, Joe Sturgill, Member, topic will be “On Being Thankful”

Nov 20, Speaker Joe Sturgill will be talking On Being Thankful.  Service will start at 10:30 am at the Hot Springs Church at 100 Norwalk which is at the intersection of Norwalk and Spring Streets.

Religious Exploration will meet at 9:00 am.  We will begin a TED Talk viewing and discussion, with “A scientific defense of spiritual & religious faith.”

Join us at 10:00 am for coffee/tea and light snacks.

This Sunday the U U Church of Hot Springs has been invited to join the Village Church for our annual Joint Thanksgiving Celebration. I hope many from our church will attend. Bring whatever you’d like to the potluck.

This is the schedule for the service at Hot Springs Village UU Church:

Here’s the schedule for Sunday:
9:00 am in the sanctuary – “Who’s your neighbor and what does love require of us?” – A video sermon by Rev. Dr. Marlin Lavanhar, Senior Minister, All Souls Unitarian Church, Tulsa.

     When my plane touched down in the United States on Wednesday night, it was a different country from the one I left. I was in Frankfurt, Germany for the European Unitarian Universalist conference as the keynote speaker. After a presidential election like we have had, relationships are often frayed and strained and sometimes broken. How we respond when it’s over makes a huge impact. 
     One of the strengths of our democracy has been our ability to maintain our divergent positions while also coming back together as one nation after a hard fought campaign. After this election season, trust in our system of government has been broken for many reasons for many people. In Germany, they have been dividing over the issue of taking in over one million Syrian refugees. My talk was titled, Who’s Your Neighbor and What Does Love Require of Us? It was a tremendous experience and led to fascinating conversations. This same topic can be applied to our current situation in the United States.
 10:00 am – Rev. Dave Ruffin will deliver a sermon entitled Thankful Finding.  Spiritual teachings remind us that whatever life presents, there is always something to be grateful for. But if we are truly honest with ourselves, sometimes that something can be very elusive. 
     How do we rediscover that fountain within from which giving thanks flows naturally and even abundantly, when we ourselves feel lost? Amidst these darkly divisive times in our nation, let’s prepare for the national holiday of Thanksgiving with the truthful foundation of the sometimes deeply challenging work of thanks finding.
     The UU Village Church is located at 403 Barcelona Rd, corner of Barcelona and Calella.  Services begin at 10 am, preceded by coffee, cookies and conversation at 9:30.  Whoever you are, wherever you are on your journey, we bid you welcome.  
After the service:  Thanksgiving Dinner.