Love is the doctrine of this church,
the Quest For Truth is its sacrament, and Service is its prayer.

As a Welcoming Congregation, we welcome you, whomever you are, irrespective of race, creed, ethnicity, age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, or physical or mental ability.

You will find our lay-led services to be spiritually and intellectually stimulating. As a welcoming community of religious liberalism, we unite to celebrate diversity and to find our connected-ness. We strive to foster intellectual inquiry, spiritual growth and ethical living.

For more information about Unitarian Universalism, please visit: www.uua.org, http://www.uuasouthernregion.org/, or www.clfuu.org.

May 22, Rev Dr Bud Hearn, Guest Speaker, will speak on “Vignettes From An Old Coffee Can”

The Unitarian Universalist Church of Hot Springs, 100 Norwalk St., welcome you to hear Rev Bud Hearn, speak on, Vignettes From An Old Coffee Can. It is amazing what an empty old coffee can can hold. Memories past. Epiphanies. Hopes – realized and unrealized. Ideas to come back to for further reflection.”  In Sunday’s message Rev Bud Hearn shares insights both personal and theological that he has retrieved from an old coffee can..

Refreshments and a time to meet and greet will convene at 10:00am,  followed by the service at 10:30. There is a class for children during the service, so bring the whole family.

There is no 9:00am activity this Sunday.

Please join us, we would love to have you with us.

May 15, Melanie Bell, Guest speaker, will speak about “The Power of the Mind”

Please join us at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Hot Springs, 100 Norwalk St, at 10:30am, as we welcome Melanie Bell, to speak about “The Power of the Mind.”  Melanie is an Honors Graduate of HMI who brings her love of adventure and passion for life to her hypnotherapy practice.  As a vegetarian, herbalist, organic gardener, aspiring author and animal lover, Melanie has a wide range of life experience to draw from, as well as the education, discipline and professionalism she achieved as a successful attorney and business woman.

Come a little early at 10:00am to share refreshments and conversation before the service.  We have suspended our 9:00am classes for the summer. Both classes will resume in the fall.  We will still have Children’s classes available during the service.

We hope to welcome you this Sunday!

May 8, Bob VanHook, Guest Speaker, topic will be “Love Like a Mother”

Robert “Bob” VanHook

Robert “Bob” VanHook

The Unitarian Universalist Church of Hot Springs, 100 Norwalk St., invites you to join us this Sunday, at 10:30am, for “Love Like a Mother,” with Bob VanHook.  Bob is a frequent guest speaker and always delivers a heartfelt and inspiring message.

Bob, a native Arkansan and a graduate of Hendrix College, also earned a Master of Divinity Degree from Duke University.  He served as a Methodist minister from 1962 until 1979, working in churches in North Carolina and Arkansas.  He has been active in community affairs in various communities, working in civic organizations and serving as a delegate to the Seventh Constitutional Convention of Arkansas.  He has been most active working to ensure that all of us have unfettered access to civil rights.

After living in several cities in Arkansas, 20 years ago he moved to Hot Springs and has enjoyed life here.  Bob is currently retired and enjoys some travel, and his model railroad and most of all the company of his friends.

At 9:00am the Wisdom Seekers meet, and this Sunday we will choose our next book.  Bring your book suggestion and we will select one, using the democratic process.  In addition to selecting the book, we will spend time discussing topics where to seek input from others in the group.   At 10:00am join us for social time to catch up on the week and meet new folks.  We hope to see you and if Mom is visiting, bring her too!

May 1, We celebrate our Flower Communion

Please join us at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Hot Springs at 10:30am this Sunday as we celebrate our traditional Flower Communion.

The Flower Communion, or Flower Celebration celebrates the beauty of diversity in community. Each person brings a flower to share as part of a single bouquet to represent the unique gifts and characteristics of every person that forms our community. Following the ceremony each takes home a different flower.

Originally created in 1923 by Unitarian minister Norbert Capek of Prague, Czechoslovakia, the Flower Ceremony was introduced to the United States by Rev. Maya Capek, Norbert’s widow. Their daughter, Enika Anderson, was an early member of the UU Church of Hot Springs and maintained her membership for years even after she moved to Iowa in 2006.

Join us at 10:00am for coffee, tea and light snacks.
We hope to see you this Sunday!

Apr 24 Dr. David Welch, Guest Speaker, will speak on “So Immense a Thing as Death”

Death, like the sun cannot be looked at steadily.”  So said the noted French author Francois de la Rochefoucauld. Dr. David Welch, a former professor of psychology, who taught a course in Death and Dying for many years at the college level, differs with de la Rochefoucauld.  “However true he may have been about the sun, he was wrong about death. Not only can we as people look at death and dying; it isnecessary if we are to live our lives fully. One vehicle to help us is poetry.”

Over the years of teaching the course, Dr. Welch encouraged students to bring poems they thought helped them deal with the idea of death and dying. In his message “So Immense a Thing as Death” Dr. Welch will consider death and dying through the eyes of poets unknown, well-known and, perhaps, known only to their family and friends.
Please join us this Sunday at 10:30am for this thought provoking talk.

Dr. Welch received his doctorate from the University of Florida and is professor emeritus of the University of Northern Colorado.  As a psychologist, his practice focused on grief and bereavement and in working with people who suffered with chronic disease.  He moved to Hot Springs Village in 2010 from St Paul, Minnesota where he retired as the Dean of the Graduate School of Professional Psychology.

Dr. Welch is married and he and his wife, Marie, have two children and three grandchildren.

Join us at 9:00am for the Wisdom Seekers as we start a new book.

We will have coffee, tea and light snacks at 10:00am

Hope to see you there.

Apr 17, Rev Bud Hearn, Guest speaker will speak on, “Why I Can No Longer Say the Nicene Creed”

Join us Sunday Apr 17 at 10:30 am to hear our guest speaker Rev. Bud Hearn.  Creeds do have a place. They are post holes when establishing a foundational statement about faith. The problem comes when the creed is taken literally or when it becomes the focus of worship rather than what it, the creed, points to. In Sunday’s message Rev Bud Hearn offers why he is disenchanted with the Nicene Creed.

Rev. Dr. Bud Hearn

Rev. Dr. Bud Hearn

At 9:00am the Religious Exploration group will continue the study of “A Chosen Faith.”

At 10:00am we will have coffee/tea and light snacks.

Apr 10, Honorable Judge Ret Vicki Cook, Guest Speaker, will speak on “The Justice, Equity and Compassion in Human Relationships”

Please join us this Sunday at 10:30 as the Honorable Judge Ret. Vicki Cook share with us The Justice, Equity and Compassion in Human Relationships.

At 9:00am, the Wisdom Seekers will complete “The Primate’s Memoir, ” and select another book. If you have a recommendation please come and participate in the process, followed by refreshments and socializing at 10:00am.

We hope to see you there.

Apr 3, Jesse Davis, Member

Join us Sunday April 3 at 10:30 AM.  Our speaker will be our own Jesse Davis

The Religious Exploration book group meets at 9:00 Am and will be discussing “A Chosen Faith”.

Please join us at 10:00 AM for social time and coffee, tea and snacks.

We hope to see you there.

Mar 27, Bob VanHook, Guest Speaker, speaks on “Easter for Today”

This Sunday at 10:30am, we welcome back Bob VanHook, who will share his thoughts on “Easter for Today.”  Robert “Bob” VanHook was born in El Dorado, Arkansas and attended public schools there.  He is a graduate of Hendrix College and earned a Master of Divinity Degree from Duke University.  Bob served as a Methodist minister from 1962 until 1979, working in churches in North Carolina and Arkansas.

Robert “Bob” VanHook

Robert “Bob” VanHook

Rebecca Ricks will be at the piano.

The Wisdom Seekers book group meet at 9:00am and hope you will join us for a wonderful discussion of “The Primate’s Memoir,” by American biologist, Robert Sapolsky. Member Oliver Driver, will lead this weeks discussion.

At 10:00am we serve light refreshments and enjoy socializing, with our friends and guests.  We look forward to seeing you this Sunday.

Mar 13, Laura Lee Williard, Friend, will speak on “What Will Be Your Impact? “

Please join us as we welcome Laura Lee Williard, this Sunday at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Hot Springs, 100 Norwalk St., at 10:30am.  She will speak on, “What Will Be Your Impact? “As Spring approaches, let’s renew our awareness of and commitment to the fact that we influence and impact the world around us with our words and actions. What will your impact be? Laura Lee will lead us in singing some traditional folk songs such as De Colores, This Land is your Land, Blowin’ in the Wind and We Shall Overcome to get inspired. Laura Lee is leads the Literacy Council of Garland County and is a Teaching Artist and Performer. We are delighted to welcome her this Sunday.

Laura Lee Willard

The Wisdom Seekers Book Group will continue the discussion of The Primate’s Memoir at 9:00am followed by social time at 10:00am.

We hope that you will be able to join us this Sunday.